LabWe do tests related to the following areas – Haematology, Bio-Chemistry, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology and Histopathology. Our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated automated instruments like:

  • QBC

  • Elisa Reader 8; washer (Biorad) (Automatic)

  • Systronios Electrolyte Analyser

  • AC5 180 Chemiluminescence system

  • AS 300 Mindray.

Our technicians are highly trained and perform tests according to NABL standards. We have highly qualified Pathologists and Microbiologists

Our samples are sent for external quality control to institutes like CMC vellore, AIIMS New Delhi and we get feedback from them regularly and they are all within the limits. We run quality control for all our machines twice everyday. All our machines are calibrated at regular intervals.

We send our technologists on regular basis for seminars and updates in their respective departments.


What is Clinical Laboratory?

Clinical Laboratory is quite simply the study of the overall response of your body to any foreign influence i.e disease. Specific tests are conducted against a sample which may be blood, urine, serum or plasma to bring to light the changes which are qualitatively or quantitatively captured. These parameters help in the diagnosis/prognosis of diseases and appropriate measures may then be applied to overcome the anomaly/disease. Technicians and experts with knowledge of these complex interpretive skills conduct these tests within highly automated testing systems which are quality controlled.

 What are the different areas where clinical laboratory tests may be applied?

Infertility, Diabetes, Thyroid are other lifestyle related diseases need consistent and periodic check-ups. Conducting these tests ensures viable data is available to patients at all times. Other areas where this is applied is – allergy testing, newborn screening, nutritional disorders, infections, kidney disorders and cardiovascular disorders.

Why choose Sono Diagnostics?

We are equipped with approved automations and infrastructure as per ISO 9001:2008. We use the best reagents and updated with advanced and newest technologies with a team of microbiologists, pathologists and technicians who bring to the table a world of experience.

What are the other special features available?

We conduct tests across all critical parameters. Timely reports with option of house collection and online delivery of reports to your personal e-mail ID.